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COVID-19 Care

Vydhyanadh Services is amongst the best in-home medical care providers in India. You can get the best support services at the comfort of your home and be safe.

People with mobility issues or people recovering from a surgery, who are intending to visit hospital to seek medical support services can avoid it by availing in-home medical support services.

Have you been in contact with a person infected with COVID-19? Are you a frequent traveller? Are you above 60 yrs of age? Do you have Diabetes/High BP? Do you have Flu like symptoms? Do you fall sick often? Contact Pioneer Life Care to support you medically for self quarantine at home.

People with mild suspected cases or those discharged from hospital post treatment of COVID-19 can seek home care services for continuity of medical care. These medical support services are provided through Vydhyanadh Services experienced nurses, doctors and health professionals.

We also offer Home Quarantine services for COVID-19 and also provide disinfectant kits.

  • Nursing services at home (Nurse for cancer care, Nubilization, etc)

  • Nursing Attendants at home

  • Physiotherapy at home

  • Medical Equipment like Respiratory Care products and others (Oxygen Concentrator, CPAP and BiPAP System etc,.)  

  • Eldercare at home

  • Diabetic care packages (Diabetic peoples are more sensitive)

  • Adult vaccinations at home

  • Lab tests at home (except COVID-19 tests)

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