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Home nursing services encompasses a wide range of healthcare services that can be easily administered at your home. Home care nursing services are usually cheaper than hospitals and nursing homes, while being just as effective as the medical care offered in a hospital or nursing home.

An in-home nursing service offers personalized nursing care at home as offered in a typical hospital while being more compassionate towards the patient and gets integrated into the patient’s family and develops an emotional bond with the patient and their family.

The services offered by home care nursing are provided by registered nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists among others. And as such you need not worry on the quality of service offered by the home nurse.

In the past, the phrases In-Home Care, Home Care and Home Health Care were used interchangeably. Today however, people have developed a better understanding towards Home Health Care or In-Home nursing service which is basically skilled nursing care whereas the term In-Home Care refers to non-medical care services like personal care and companionship and supervision.



Short term nurses provide nursing services for 1-4 hours or a specific period. Short term nursing care is temporary medical aftercare following surgery, injury or other medical condition that is expected to improve.

Specialties: Vaccination at home, Injection at home, ECG at home, Dressing or wound care at home.


Long term nurses provide nursing services for 12-24 hours. Long term nursing care is a comprehensive range of medical, physical and surgical care to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of people who are chronically ill or disabled

Specialties:  Ventilator care at home, Tracheostomy care at home,  Bedsore care, catheter care, Infusion care, Ryle’s tube care, Care of IV Lines


Nursing attendants take care of the daily activities of patients in need. They provide supportive care. However, they are not allowed to carry out any medical procedures.

Specialties: caregivers, support care, old patient care, caretaker, assisting in daily activities

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